Feeling Old At 35? Not As Much Energy As You Used To Have?
Maybe You Are Suffering From Perimenopause?
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"BEating perimenopause"
Millions Of Women In Their 30s Are Suffering Unnecessarily Because Of A Problem Doctors Never Talk About
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This report
shows you
how to
Understand what perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause are, how to recognise them, and their impact on your Health & Wellbeing. As well as understanding and recognising these changes it will also show you how to adapt to stay focused and energised.
In particular it deals with;
Nutrition & Mysterious Weight Gain: Why the mysterious weight gain occurs and what you can do to counter it.
Building Your Strength & Fitness: You will learn & understand why your usual workouts no longer work & what changes you can make to get better results
Movement: Learn how to listen to your body and stay injury-free, as well as recognise imbalances from overuse, misuse and disuse.
 if you or your friends are suffering from any of these symptoms, then please download this PDF and/or share this link with others who you think will benefit. We need to spread the word.
 Is this 
"Beating Perimenopause"
report for me?
This is something that as women we all need to be aware of and talking about more, rather than waiting till we reach menopause, but this document is an important read for any woman who is...
  • In your 30s, though symptoms may start younger or older
  • Struggling to sleep.
  • Gaining weight​particularly around the middle.
  • Keep waking up​in the early hours
  • Feeling more achy and stiff especially after sitting for long periods.
  • Not seeing the same benefits from exercise,​no matter how much harder you train.
  • Experienced changes in your menstrual cycle,​or other aspects of pelvic health including vaginal tissue dryness.
Yes, I Want to Know How To Stop Perimenopause!
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